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S61 - Where are you now ... ?

S61 Statistics

There were 228 Apprentices in S61.

Seven were from the Nigerian Navy and three were from the Royal Malaysian Navy.

Heng Wee TekOne of them, Heng Wee Tek, was the Royal Malaysian Navy Badminton Champion.

Nine bought themselves out before being categorised and by the end of the first term, another ten had followed them.

By the end of the third term, another nine had bought themselves out.
Five had re-catted into other branches and one was Discharged Unsuitable.

Official Numbers ranged from: 098686 (Jeff Jones in Frew) to 104483 (Trevor Payne in Frew).
Who was 100000 I hear you ask?

No one!

There was a gap between 098841 and 100264

Branch Allocations

Air Engineering 7
Air Electrical Engineering 8
Marine Engineering ( 84 + 4 Nigerians + 3 Malayasians ) = 91
Shipwrights ( 49 + 1 Nigerian ) = 50
Weapons and Electrical Engineering 63

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