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S61 - Where are you now ... ?

Lane Huts Lane 1 Stuart Ward and Tony Stackpoole Jan Temme in Watt 1 Paul and Helen Dyas

Lane Division

Tell me if any of this is wrong !!

Augustine Alegbo ER Nigerian Navy
Pete Allum ER Lives in Aberdeen. Served in Fife and Intrepid before joining boats. Then in Conquerer and Repulse. Left in 1979 and worked for Shell for 30+ years as a Senior Integrity Engineer. Retired in March 2010
Steve Barker S Lives in Ermington Devon. Took redundancy in 1996 as a WO and went to UNI for a BSc. Now works as a software engineer for K2 Medical Systems.
Gregory Barton ER
Pete Bellamy ER Left in December 2000 and lives in Plymouth. Works for AES Ltd doing spectrographic oil analysis on diesel engines for the MOD.
Leo Benedict S Nigerian Navy
Bob Bethell LWAA Left after 22 years - lived and worked in Fareham. Married Roy Lusteds sister-in-law. Passed away on the 12th February 2017.
John Bevan S
Bob Brown ER Captain in the Royal Australian Navy. Lives in Canberra.
Richard Buckley ER
Steve Bugg S Lived in Haverhill, Suffolk. Died in August 2000 after unknowingly developing DVT and suffering a pulmonary embolism. (Information from Steves daughter - Jenny)
Michael Burden S
Trevor Burley S
Marcus Bussey ER Thought to be living in Gillingham, Kent.
Tony Buy AA Left in 1979 as a PO and went back to live in York
Bob Byrom LWAA Came from Bradford. Left after 12 years.  Lives in East Anglia and runs his own company supporting the off-shore oil industry. (22/4/23)
Willie Carstairs ? LANE Division ghost in the lower bathrooms.
Ronald Carter ER
Steve Coffin LWAA Steve was a recat from NAM(AE). Left early, possibly in 1974 and returned to Brighton. Joined the police and rose to the rank of SGT. Sadly he suffered kidney failure and died during a transplant operation in about 1994.
Garry Cox LW Did two years and then left. Joined the police and rose to the rank of Inspector. Now retired and living in Swinstead Lincolnshire.
Robert Crow ER Left the RN 1980(Served on Scarborough, Bulwark, AFD 60, Vigilant and Anglesey.) Then joined the Scottish Prison Service as a Heating Engineer culminating in the position as Mechanical Services Manager within a large Cat.B Prison, retiring from the SPS in 2005 after 25 years service. At present, still enjoying retirement and occassionally doing M&E Clerk of Works as and when required.
Pete Crump S Lives in Waterlooville, Hampshire. Director of TARK.
Joseph Dagnino S Lives in Salford
Paul Dyas ER Came from Birmingham area. Lives in Marchwood near Southampton and works for Xerox.
Simon Dyer S .Left the RN in 2004, and initially worked for BAES on T23s and QEC, but now work (yes, still working, but only part time) for Babcock in Devonport Dockyard, on Class Output Management (T23s, Amph and Sandowns). (March 2018)
Christopher Ekpenyong ER Nigerian Navy
Barry Foord LW Came from Lewes and played piano and organ. Lives near Bedford.
Michael Gregory ER Left in about 1971. Last known to be living in Kings Norton and working for Lucas.
Pete Heath
Brian Hemming LW
Delwyn Hughes ER Sadly Del lost his life to cancer on 6th February 2005.
Ross Hunter S
Michael Joyce S Lives in Sittingbourne, Kent.
Terence Kennedy LW
Roy Lusted LWAA Roy left as a LT CDR after 38 years. Now retired and spent his last few years as a civvy on the Wildcat helicopter project team.  Lives near Ilminster.
Bernard Manship ER
Sean McCarrick LW Left in 1981. Living in Nailsworth, Gloucestershire. Self employed.
Gordon Morris LW Left in 1976 and works as a Civil Servant in the Countryside Agency. Lives in Sherborne | MORE... |
Robert Nelson S Known to have passed away.
John North LW Left as a WO in Autumn 2000. Lives in Rugby.
Christopher Ockwell ER
Henry Orton LW S61A. Left in 1973. Lives in Cosham and works for IBM.
John Parker AA Left in December 1995. Emigrated to France.
William Pateman ER Apparently only joined for the football and left at the end of the season! Hasn't been seen since.
Colin Payne AA Left as a WO and works for SERCO in Yeovilton. Lives in Weymouth.
Mick Redfern LW Was Chief Hook of Lane. Lives near Fairford, Gloucestershire and works in software.
Timothy Reeves LW Left in 1991. Living in Tavistock, Devon. Working as Quality Assurance and Training Manager for the Kuwait Airforce based at Ali Al Salam Airbase (about 50km west of Kuwait City). Member of the South Atlantic Medal Association (served on HMS Minerva)
Pete Rogers ER Came from South Wales.
Christopher Spearman
Tony Stackpoole ER
Alan Stevenson S
Dave Sumner ER Came from Fleetwood, Lancashire. Was a drummer in the band.
Paul Swan LW
John Temme LW Left in July 1991. Lived in Plymouth. Sadly passed away just before Christmas 2018
Stuart Ward ER Left in 1971. Lives in the West Midlands. Worked in IT.
Michael Webb ER Lives in Plymouth.
Keith Wheatley S Lives in Waterlooville.
Alan Williams LWAA Came from Halifax and left after 22 years. Lived in Dundee. Was informed by Roy Lusted that Alan passed away on the 7th of November 2019
John Woolford LW Came from Bristol and was a WO in submarines. Lives in Folkestone and works on the Channel Tunnel | MORE... |

S62A Class

S62A S62A on HMS Aveley George Belshaw
George Belshaw LW Has been living in the Far East for more than 15 years, most of them in Hong Kong.
Robert Dedman LW
Terry Guy LW Last known to be a Commander in Abbey Wood.
Brian Holmes LW Invalided out in 1975. Chartered Engineer at BAE Systems.
Steve Holt LW
Brian Murphy AA Brian was killed on active service in the Falklands in 1982 whilst serving in HMS Ardent.
Joseph Opigo LW Nigerian Navy

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