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6 May 2018

I received the sad news today that Pete Ough, formerly of Bennett crossed the bar recently.

Pete was in S62A and left the service whilst at Collingwood and my information is that he had been suffering from cancer.

He is second from the left in the bottom row in this photograph.

6 April 2018

Profile update for Simon Dyer on the Lane page.

31 March 2018

Profile update for John Miller on the Frew page.

14 January 2018

Photographs from an S61 meet-up in The George on Queen Street in Portsmouth, 10 January 2018.

The George

POSTSCRIPT: The thumbnail image on the left is John Shields. Sadly, John passed away suddenly on March 26th. It's not going to be the same without you John, we'll all miss you.

S61 Evening Meet Ups at The George, Queen Street, Portsmouth

The GeorgeThese are organised by Bob Daubeney on the second Wednesday evening of every January, May and September in The George, a really nice pub just a few minutes walk from the ferry and railway station.

Next one will be September 12th 2018.

23 November 2017

Got this in an email from Ken Morrison yesterday.

Our very own Bob Daubeney will appear on the 'Celebrity Antiques Road Trip', BBC2 at 1900 on Thursday 30th November.

I believe that this was filmed on board HMS WARRIOR a few weeks before the organisation's reorganisation made him redundant!

7 November 2017

Photographs taken by Mike Batho at the 50th Anniversary Reunion

50th Anniversary 50th Anniversary 50th Anniversary 50th Anniversary

30 October 2017

Photographs taken by John Parker at the 50th Anniversary Reunion

50th Anniversary 50th Anniversary

1 October 2017

50 Years
Photographs taken by Gordon Morris at the 50th Anniversary Reunion in Portsmouth.


Photos from the Golden Anniversary reunion are now available on the Purple & Grey Empire web site at There are also photos from the 2017 Army/Navy rugby lunch on the same page.

12 July 2017

Ray Ashby
Photograph taken in the Royal Festival Hall, LONDON, 15th May 2017.

Ray Ashby was awarded The Honorary Degree, Bachelor of Education.

2 March 2017

I received this interesting email a few days ago and with Allans permission have reproduced it here. I've also invited Allan to come along to one of the Wednesday meet ups in The George so you never know - shipmates yet!!

Subject: Almost a shipmate!

Dear Tufty,

I came across your website a couple of years ago and have finally got around to making contact! My name is Allan Bouckley and I was scheduled to join HMS Fisgard on 11th September 1967............

I was a Sea Cadet and wanted very much to join the RN as an Artificer Apprentice. I went through all the selection procedure and had been accepted subject to "O" level results. My problem was that my parents were dead against me joining and made me promise not to leave school without good "O" levels.

I failed maths during the summer exams so postponed Fisgard and returned to retake and pass maths in November. Looking back, the moment was lost. By then, more parental pressure resulted in me joining P&O as an engineer apprentice.

I spent two years at Southampton (OND), one year at sea then a final year workshop trading. I qualified as a Junior Engineer and spent 7 months on the Liner Oriana before transferring to Overseas Containers Limited. I then spent the next 12 years on Container Ships to Australia, NZ and the Far East. I left in 1985.

I had a good career but many times wondered what might have been. My heart really had been with the RN. It would be good to hear from you and perhaps swap experiences and maybe even make a mate in the other Navy!

Best wishes

Allan Bouckley

13 January 2017

The George on 11 Feb 2017
Photograph from an S61 meet-up in The George on Queen Street in Portsmouth, 11 February 2017 to discuss the forthcoming 50th Anniversary Reunion.

9 January 2017

HMS Aveley S62A
Had an email from Glenn Mackie who tells me that the missing name on this photo of S62A on HMS Aveley is him, sitting right at the back.

Thanks for that Glenn - another piece of the jigsaw!

5 October 2016

CALEDONIA OLD BOYS' 2016 MINI-REUNION: The Report of Proceedings for the reunion held at Balloch, Scotland on the weekend of 9-11 September is now available on the Purple & Grey Empire web site at

26 August 2016

Photographs taken on HMS Rapid and HMS Saintes, training ships at HMS Caledonia

HMS Rapid HMS Rapid HMS Rapid HMS Rapid HMS Rapid

22 August 2016

Missing name on the Bennett Class photo is Glyn Gostick! Front row next to Al Witt.

Anyone got the missing photo?

Bennett 1

19 August 2016

New photographs sent to me by Fritt Belfitt, formerly of Bennett and Collingwood.

Fowey Regatta Fowey Regatta S61 at HMS Collingwood Left S61 at HMS Collingwood Right Christmas Menu 1967 Christmas Menu 1967 Christmas Menu 1967

28 July 2016

The George 28 July 2016
A photograph taken at an S61 Meet-Up in The George on Queen Street 28 July 2016.

13 May 2016

Tom Taylor's remains were cremated on Thursday 12 May at 1430 at Baldarroch Chapel & Crematorium, Crathes, Banchory, AB31 5QR.

1 May 2016


I am informed by Ken Morrison that Tom Taylor 'Crossed the Bar' this morning, Sunday 1st May 2016 and draw your attention to the messages board.

Tom was originally in Bennett Division.

18 February 2016

Some reunion photographs of Greenie Waffoos from Roy Lusted.

Greenie Waffoos Reunion November 2015 Greenie Waffoos Reunion November 2015 Greenie Waffoos Reunion November 2015

31 December 2015

Happy New Year!

24 November 2015

Finally, some news!! Had an email from Al Witt, formerly Bennett and Collingwood REA.

He's just found the site for the first time and tells me he is retired now and living in Ferndown. If anyone would like his email address, drop me a line and I'll pass it on.

23 May 2014

Received an email from Bob Daubeney this week with the sad news that Pete Jakeman lost his life whilst on holiday in Derbyshire on the 14th May.

Pete was in Cooke Division with me and I remember him well.

There is a report HERE

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