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Frew Division

Tell me if any of this is wrong !!

Ray Ashby ER Lives in Forest Hill, London. After several career swerves, now works as a freelance journalist.
Steven Attrill LW
Philip Austen LWAA Came from Lewes, left after 22 years. Played trumpet in the band. Lives near Brighton and works for ILS Engineering in Crawley. Awarded the BEM
John Barrell LW
Allen Barrett LW
Alan Belcher
Sylvester Benedict ER Nigerian Navy
Colin Berry LWAA Came from Taunton and was in S61A. PVR in 1976. Emigrated to Canada in 1997 after 11 years at GCHQ and some time in the Middle East. In 2012, was living in Calgary, Alberta.
Richard Brindle S Was in S61A. I'm told by various sources that Richard was killed by a van wing mirror whilst helping someone on the A74 in the early 1990's.
Keith Brooker ER Lives in Plymouth. Was Chief Hook of Frew
Keith Calvert S Eddie lives on the IOW sometimes, Florida the rest of the time.
Hugh Carmichael S Lives in Fareham
Lawrence Clarke
Trevor Cornish LW
Terence Davies ER
Thomas Downie LW
Daniel Drennan ER
Reginald Elsworth LW Although Reginald was his first name he was known as Keith. Served as an REA until 1978 and then went through as an SD WESM. Transferred to SM at Manadon and eventually left in 1999 as an Acting Commander at ABW in Bristol. Then worked for DML and finally Babcock until forced to retire in 2017 following a stroke. Now lives with his wife in Liskeard. (April 2020)
Allan Farrow S
Anthony Fennell LW
Ian Gowling S Lives in Gosport
John Hall S Although his first name is John he's always been known as Mick. Lives in Ripley, Derbyshire enjoying retirement. Survived Prostate Cancer - and recommends a simple blood test as catching it early gives you a chance. Currently using his chippie skills maintaining a six sail windmill - Google Heage Windmill for info.
Mike Hartley S Lost his life to cancer on 2nd August 2018
Colin Hassall S Lives in Plymouth and runs a wedding car business. See links page. Works as a civvy chippie in HMS Raleigh
Stephen Hayter LW
Robert Hodgson S Lives in Cleveland and works in a toy factory.
Philip Hudson LW Commander in the Royal Australian Navy. Married for more than 30 years and had two children - lived in Canberra. Sadly Phil died of cancer on 28th January 2004.
Philip Jarman LW
Jeffrey Jones ER Lives in Crookhorn, Hampshire.
Nigel Keane ER Thought to be living in Cornwall
Stephen Last ER Lives in Bury St Edmonds
Dave Lenton S Lives in Waterlooville, Hampshire
David Lobban S Lives in Milton Keynes
David Mace ER
Michael MacKay LW
John Miller ER Left the RN after 39 years. Lives in Gosport, three Sons, all seagoing Engineers, eight grandchildren, Spends 4-5 months a year cruising with his wife on a 45 yr old boat that he restored.
Carl Moore LW
Philip Neild S
Philip Ogden LW
John Parker ER Lives in Gosport. Left Service 23 NOV 2001.
John Parsons ER Thought to have been killed in a road traffic accident in the mid 1970's
Trevor Payne S Lives in Brisbane, Australia
James Pullen S Lives in Gosport
Raymond Reims ER Lives in Spalding Lincolnshire
Timothy Roberts ER Lives in Helensburgh. Engineering Consultant
Kenneth Rockall ER Lives in Milton Keynes
Donald Sim LW Lives in Wadebridge, Cornwall
Derek Smith LW
Roger Taylor LW Sadly, Roger died whilst an OEA3 serving on HMS Glamorgan in Antigua on 6th March 1972. John Deeprose says of him... He was a real character and was liked by all of us that knew him.
Ian Thompson S Known as "Yid" and lives in Liskeard in Cornwall. Known to have passed away.
Benson Tsakporhore LW Nigerian Navy
Bruce Tupper
Veerapan ER Royal Malaysian Navy
David Viner ER
Doug Watson ER Left RN in April 1991. Lives in Fareham, Hampshire.
Peter Williams ER
Walter Wright S Lives in Saltash, Cornwall. Works for MOD.

S62A Class

S62A S62A on HMS Aveley
Bill Cheyne ER Known to have passed away.
Boyd Gordon S
George Soberton LW
Steve Southern ER

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