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TuftyI am John Rowlands and I joined the Royal Navy at HMS Fisgard with S61 Entry of Artificer Apprentices on the 11th September 1967.
I lived in C6 mess in Cooke Division and was universally known as Tufty.
I still am! I left the Service in August 1980 as an REMN1 :-) having left Fisgard after 2P.

I don't think anyone knew everybody in the entry so it is my hope that you may see someone you knew on the Divisional pages and perhaps renew an old friendship. Maybe even make some new ones all these years later !

My thanks to the late Andy Blagg (COOKE) for his help in getting the site off the ground with photographs and information, and to the late Jeff Marshall (COOKE) who contributed a huge amount of information on clankies and chippies at HMS Caledonia. If you send me a picture, please send as much info as possible, especially names and divisions.

You can contact me on the address at the bottom of the page. Oh, and just a quick note about cookies - I don't use them!!

S61 Evening Meet Ups in the Royal Maritime Club, Queen Street, Portsmouth

The Royal Maritime ClubThese are organised by Bob Daubeney on the second Wednesday evening of every January, May and September in the Royal Maritime Club, just a few minutes walk from the ferry and railway station.

Next one will be 11th September 2024.

Artificer Apprentice Entry Regulations

Artificer Apprentice Entry Regulations Front Artificer Apprentice Entry Regulations 1 Artificer Apprentice Entry Regulations 2 Artificer Apprentice Entry Regulations 3 Artificer Apprentice Entry Regulations 4 Artificer Apprentice Entry Regulations Back

John "Tufty" Rowlands

Tufty Rowlands at the Passing In Parade Leading Hands Leadership Course HMS Royal Arthur HMS Birmingham 1 HMS Birmingham 2 Twenty Fifth Wedding Anniversary Thirtieth Wedding Anniversary

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